The argentine architect Carlos Olmos established the Estudio COL firm in 2003 in order to create an architectural practice based on research and with the aim of design+project+build.

Understanding the act of design as a search to get together both the client needs and the studios design concepts and identity, firmly committed to the environmental, cultural and social reality.

Located in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina, the studio began its architectural production in the consolidated city, making the first works in a varied range of works, such as apartments, bars, restaurants, offices and a small institute.

Over time the studio has expanded its range of action, making projects and works outside Buenos Aires, both in the inner country and abroad.

Since 2016 the studio starts a partnership with the spanish studio SERTA Arquitectos, with headquarters in Madrid and offices in Mexico City and Buenos Aires, starting to work together in projects in Mexico, Spain and South America.

Today the studio has designed over 345.000 square meters and 11.500 square meters of constructions of his own, developing projects in various scales and locations, facing them with the same beliefs and goals of the first day, continuing a professional search that has already met nineteen years.























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